"Im eating meat as little as possible now. Im nearly vegetarian."

    - Jamie Oliver, 2015

    "Im eating meat as little as possible now. Im nearly vegetarian."

    - Jamie Oliver, 2015

    "Im eating meat as little as possible now. Im nearly vegetarian."

    - Jamie Oliver, 2015

For the first time ever we are providing a enjoyable and moral alternative for working class as well as middle class people, a diet pretty much as normal but without that lethal meat.

The Pescetarian Society (incorporating The American Pescetarian Society) was conceived in 2015 with the aim of providing a community based around a healthy but happy, natural diet for the mass population.


We seek to radically reduce the sickness and early death rife amongst yourselves, your families and your communities, especially from cancer, due to eating meat, by replacing it with both foods such as king prawns, tuna, fish, and other delicious seafoods, and various stunning meat free foods research shows as healthier but tastier. Western governments now admit red meat causes fatal cancers, especially breast cancer in women, and bowel cancer. Dementia is a massive problem amongst meat eaters too. In parts of the world, dog and cat eating is even still rife. Africa must be warned not to follow our lead. Join us today and save yourself, your children, and maybe even humanity itself.


We will campaign to educate children about the dreadful meat holocaust for which humanity is no doubt paying the price on various levels. Of course, it is vital that we change our approach to the marine environment as well, indeed we will seek sustainable and ethical fishing methods, methods which have not progressed sufficiently despite technology. Join us in that quest at https://www.thepescetariansociety.org/membership


is our new initiative to add 5 years or more to the life of your dog cat or other domestic animal. Until now the absolute junk fed especially in tins to our dogs has not seen them fulfil their life expectancy often by half. IAMS pet foods even astonishingly TEST on animals! We will be working in partnership with ethical producers to promote the right products, and add years to the life of your beloved pet.

The Pescetarian Society was conceived after countless meat scandals, in 2015, and is a limited company driven by volunteers and our MD, Northern Irish social entrepreneur Jonathan Galway-Jackson PgD.

Pescetarianism is the new vegetarianism, the easier vegetarianism, and a diet very much designed for the 21st century. It is driven by ordinary people seeking improvement in their own lives and the lives of animals. We are a company registered with Companies House and have the strongest possible ethical base. Driven by an online strategy, we seek to maintain a premise & vehicle free operation, leaving a ‘zero carbon footprint’ on the environment. With volunteers and activists at our heart, we seek to involve YOU from the start in building a new community around this online presence. Local groups, kids groups and #pescetarianpets will be supported fully by management and capital growth, as YOU the community grows, and we all reach out to different communities in order to improve their diet and health, as well as reduce the holocaust against animals until it stops or at least gets back to compassion in world farming. We will also strive to help groups such as the disabled and EMGs for their involvement, groups who have largely been neglected by other large businesses, middle class charities, or plain thinking extremists.

Our first 5 year plan sees us aim to mainstream the #pescetarian ethos by 2020, matching vegetarianism regionally by 2025, and by 2030 aiming to assist its growth to the point of being the main diet in at least several countries in the west. Join us in that quest at https://www.thepescetariansociety.org/membership

Our work will be costed through three main channels of income:

  • Individuals (membership, donations, legacies etc)
  • Sales of and partner products/services (advertising, sponsorship and licensing our logos)
  • Investing in commercial enterprise

Our aims and objectives seek change in the human diet, longer life, and an end to suffering of people and animals and most of our profit will go back into the community we serve and projects with a #pescetarian ethos. There are no executive salaries at TPS, no mansion dwellers, no greed lifestyles.

"I’m eating meat as little as possible now, Im nearly vegetarian"

Jamie Oliver, 2015

"Heifer whines could be human cries, closer comes the screaming knife, this beautiful creature must die, a death for no reason, and death for no reason is murder"

The Smiths

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